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Title: Access Cabling & Communications (650) 212-1544
Description: Network Cabling Contractor, Data Cabling, Voice Cabling
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Updated 07 Dec 2010


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Hamid [ 2 ]  2015.08.7
I've used both services and pesllnaory the only beef I have is with DirectTV. It's actually a small complaint and that's they don't have their own internet service package like Comcast does. If you want to have DirectTV be your ISP (internet service provider), you need to go through one of their third parties. Personally, I'm not a fan of third parties. Comcast gives themselves an advantage with the package they offer. Since I live in NY, we use Optimum Cable which is the exact same thing pretty much as Comcast.
Muhammad [ 4 ]  2013.04.10
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