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Title: CARBODYPARTS.NET is the largest online exterior auto body parts wholesaler, offering new aftermarket and replacement body parts
Description: ONE-STOP SHOPPING FOR ALL AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS & AUTO BODY PARTS, exterior car body parts and lights, truck body parts ,car exterior detailing and enhancement body parts, automotive accessories and products
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Updated 25 Aug 2008


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Cher [ 2 ]  2013.05.12
I placed an inexpensive order, hoping I wouldn't have any trouble getting two items. I got no notification that they were shipped and had to call the company twice to get status. The company promised me an email with tracking number each time I called. My order arrived in 8 business days, not too bad, but they shipped one wrong part. Instead of a $5.72 part, I got one for about $40 that I can't use. After reading about all the hassle of getting orders straightened out, I decided to get the part elsewhere since it isn't very expensive. I won't use this company again because they don't do what they promise.
FBI [ 1 ]  2012.07.17
This website is a hoax. Do not order with them. Take this a warning for all of you.
Dan [ 1 ]  2012.02.1
Horrible place. Charged my credit card, didn't ship the part, 3 emails, no answers, called and was told they didn't enter the order in their system. Told to wait another two days for them to enter the order and another 7-10 to get the part.
paul [ 1 ]  2011.09.2
they ripped me off also, luckly i stopped payment on my card in time before the charge was finalized
Ryan [ 1 ]  2010.12.14
I had the same issue as the comment below. I paid for a part and did not recieve it so I called and they told me they did not have the part and had a glitch in their system. I specifically asked if they were ever going to send the part and they said no they do not have it and have a glitch in the system. They said I would recieve a refund.
Craig Fochs [ 1 ]  2009.03.20
Never work with these people. They will not ship your stuff and say that parts are out off stock, and not tell you untill you call.