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Title: Baby Onesies
Description: Great baby onesies at affordable prices. Many solid colored baby onesies to choose from. Free shipping available.
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Updated 11 Sep 2008


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Alissa [ 1 ]  2012.10.4
I ordered a onesie for my daughter from this site. I never got a confirmation email so I tried contacting the company. When there was no phone number on the site I did some research and found this site! I tried calling the phone number all day. After about 50 call someone finally answered, and it was a child on her home phone. "pa pa" then came to the phone and was unable to help me. He took my contact information and assured he would pass it along. I also called PayPal to dispute the purchase. This "company" is a fraud and I highly recommend no one do business with them!!!!!!
tlp [ 1 ]  2012.06.14
Terrible experience! Order a single onsie 5 weeks ago &I they charged my paypal accr immediately &I i have yet to receive it! 2 emails & 2 phone calls...still no response. I am filing with the BBB & will file dispute with paypal.
van [ 1 ]  2012.04.25
Here the number I reached someone at (518)452-8040
van [ 1 ]  2012.04.25
I ordered on 10/17/2011 and spoke to a lady after numerous emails 4 months after who said her sister took over the business and reassured me I would get my order they had the onsies in. Still to this date NO ONSIES. $85 later deducted on the spot :(
sioux [ 4 ]  2012.03.19
i agree....but check there shipping ...it says a 4-6 business weeks...
Mom in MI [ 4 ]  2012.01.4
AWFUL customer service. Several emails, phone calls and over a month later, no order received but my account was hit immediately. DO NOT ORDER from this site.
Darlene [ 1 ]  2011.12.14
I agree with all of the other complaints, I ordered a navy blue oneies that I have yet to receive but the money was withdrawn from my account. I am checking into filing criminal charges. This business needs to be shut down. DO NOT PLACE ORDERS WITH THIS BUSINESS.
Jennifer [ 1 ]  2011.12.9
Placed order on 10-23-11 and they charged my credit card immediately. Only received the items today after trying to contact company several times. Phone number listed is disconnected. Filed dispute with PayPal. Do not order from this company.
Karen [ 1 ]  2011.11.25
Wow...I placed an order 9/5/2011 and on 11/24/2011, have yet to receive it. Deplorable "customer service" only one response to my inquiries and no updates as to shipping statues (which I would expect if there was a legitimate shipping/backorder issue or if this place understood customer service basics. I am too late to make Paypal dispute; however, I have filed a BBB complaint. Chances are you are only on this site if you have already have a problem with this "business," but if you are still contemplating an order - DO NOT DO IT.
KMR [ 1 ]  2011.11.22
I placed an order for a 6-pack of onesies and the funds were withdrawn from my bank account on October 29, 2011. I never received ANY kind of confirmation or order # -- it is now November 22, and I have left three messages and sent three emails. All I have is one email back saying "I will research your order."
liliann [ 1 ]  2011.10.28
I finally did receive my order from this company after filing a paypal dispute and threatening to call the BBB. Terrible business really. It was incorrect and now I am positive it will not get corrected.
sidethorn [ 3 ]  2011.09.22
Very poor customer service, great quality onesies. I had what seems to be the typical ibabyspot.com experience. I placed my order and got an immediate confirmation email, then...nothing, for weeks. I emailed the company twice; they didn't respond to either one. Then, more than a month later, my order arrived. I love these onesies. They are by far the best quality I've found and I love the solid color choices. I would really like to have more in a bigger size, but I don't think I can do business with a company that doesn't seem to respond to it's customers. I really wish I could find these onesies somewhere else.
Lucier'smom [ 1 ]  2011.09.2
I wish I read this before I ordered from these cheats. Poor communication. They actually responded to one email out of 4, they have 3 different phone numbers listed and answer none of them. I also filed a dispute with paypal just in time. I wonder how they remain in business.
ibabyspot.com [ 1 ]  2011.07.6
Hello. We are a legitimate operating business. We are a small home business. Sometimes orders take longer if our supplier has an item back ordered. PLEASE contact us at (518)452-8040 if you have any concerns. Thanks!
Liz [ 1 ]  2011.06.21
I placed my order and paid on May 29th. It is currently June 21st and my order is nowhere to be found. I will be contacting PayPal to get my money back. Don't waste your time...order elsewhere.
Linda [ 1 ]  2011.05.27
I can't believe I still haven't received my order. Where, who would you report this fraudulent company to?
It's A Scam! [ 1 ]  2011.05.17
I never received my order. I'm currently in a Paypal dispute with them. I'm wondering why Paypal hasn't revoked their account.
letty [ 1 ]  2011.05.5
Do not order from this horrible company ! The customer service is non existent! It's sad really. I have tried to contact them several times by e mail and the phone number they have listed goes to a mailbox that is full,probably full of complaints. They say that this company was started by moms.. you would think that mothers would know how to treat people... please spare yourself a headache and order from another company
shamekia [ 1 ]  2011.03.8
i order on 2/14/11 and i have called, left messages, and emails and i have yet to recieve my order.. omg!! how do i cancel my order? or get my money back?
Amanda [ 1 ]  2011.02.7
Not Happy! [ 1 ]  2011.02.6
Ordered on 01/18/11. Have yet to see the items in which I purchased! Sent email today. Will NEVER use this website again!!!!
Selam Hailemariam [ 1 ]  2011.01.10
Yes i too finally received my items after wiating for 2 months. Not good not good at all.
Julie Saykiewicz [ 1 ]  2010.11.28
Finally received my items after more emails. The onesies are wonderful and soft- if they can get their act together it would be a great business. Taking care of your customers is key-- hope they learn.
Julie Saykiewicz [ 1 ]  2010.10.24
Am in a paypal dispute with them now. Never received my items. Do not order from them!!!
Joyce Sundman [ 1 ]  2010.09.22
I also ordered from this company and did not receive merchandise as promise. cancelled order now disputing charge with credit card company. Emailed company no reply. Horrible customer service.
Mya [ 1 ]  2010.09.9
This happened to me too. I placed an order and never recieved it. After 3 weeks I emailed them, took several days for her to reply. She was just then shipping it out. I told her that it was too late, the baby shower was over. She offered a refund, but I've yet to recieve it. I'm going to have to file through my credit card to get the money back. Horrible customer service. Wish I'd never done business with ibabyspot!
Christina [ 1 ]  2010.06.16
BEWARE!! I placed an $85 order on ibabyspot.com for onesies. I received an email confirmation of my order the next day, my credit card was charged instantly, and that was the last I heard of them. I sent an email after two weeks requesting a tracking number or further information on my order that was never answered. We finally had to file with our credit card company to get the money refunded. Very frustrating! Not to mention the fact that these were going to be decorated for my sister-in-law's shower gift. I had to show up with an IOU instead of a gift.
Z [ 1 ]  2010.05.21
Bogus website. Possible phishing.