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Title: Turkey Property Antalya Construction | Belek Properties | Turkish Investment Real Estate | Nour
Description: Turkey Antalya Belek property construction real estate investment company offering top level quality property developments investments of villas apartments land commerical and residential
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Updated 28 Dec 2008


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Thomas Gaffney [ 1 ]  2009.12.2
I would like to bring to you attention the outrageous Fraud and scams been perpetrated by these people and companies.The names person is advertising and selling property which has been sold many times by the same. She Yasemin alias Jess Bilek and then as company alias Euromedt, Nour group Turkey and now Turkey property invest. It seems funny that the state has taken passports meaning no one is able to travel outside of Turkey but they still are intent on this criminal practices.
Sean Brady [ 5 ]  2009.08.16
Nice slick advertising your scams and deceit as to enticing more people into you web of deception. This is all done with Euromedt and its directors as you copartners in crime.