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Title: Pass A Drug Test: Pass Any Drug Test Available Guaranteed
Description: Pass a Drug Test - Detoxification products that actually work! We offer only the very best detox systems & products to help you pass any drug test. Natural detox clinically tested for successful drug tests.
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Updated 27 Aug 2008


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The Truth [ 1 ]  2014.04.16
DO NOT BUY! Complete rip off. Purchased and completed the extreme detox program (before I started it I had not smoked for 3 weeks so I thought this would make me clean for sure, NOT), still positive for THC weeks later. Beware this webites parent company Veritas Sales LLC also ownes the following sites: The only way to get THC out of your system is time depending on usage and lots of excersie!!!!!
CA [ 1 ]  2011.12.7
This is a HORRIBLE site. I can't believe I was seriously considering ordering anything from them. I called to ask them a few questions about how their cleanse (pass a drug test) products *actually* work (before I actually ordered the product) and was hung up on when I asked more in depth questions! (mind you I was not getting heated, just asking regular questions that it would seem normal to ask about this type of product). I was SIMPLY asking for a scientific explanation to how it works, and was told "it cleans your bladder and urinary tract".... OK.... HOW????! I DON"T BELIVE IT ONE BIT. They obviously don't like it when you ask (smart) questions to get REAL information from them.... I don't know how that wouldn't make them seem skeptical in itself. I even tried talking with their chat personal to ask more about it and was basically given the same shady answers and was told well "we don't deal with skeptics" or something to that nature. How the hell do you bring credibility to this industry then!? I was also repeatedly given the reasoning "well, we've been in business for 11year, so obviously we're good".... mmmhmmm.... suuuurrre.... like that really proves anything. Their very shady and unprofessional customer service (and not to mention lack of ANY sort of scientific explanation made them seem VERY unreliable. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!
Anom [ 1 ]  2011.08.31
I had similar experience as the other guy. I wanted to make sure I passed well ahead of a planned test but there kit added no value. I have done my own diet programs in the past and can get clean in just under 2 weeks and that is how long it has taken me to start going neg results. First, I got the kit rushed 2 day, it took 2 business days for them to get it out for delivery, then when I got the kit that was supposed to be for 4 days they stated that I may need another 3 days after to pass, so my 4 day kit I bought turned out to be a week kit. The test before and after the kit was used came out about the same which I will give credit more to time, diet, fluids, and working out NOT THEIR CRAPPY PRODUCT!!!
UNSATISFACTORY [ 1 ]  2011.01.4
A total body ripoff..Used there 5 day detox with a failed result and sent it in for refund.Have not and can not talk to anyone about has been over a month still nothing...DO NOT BUY