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Updated 30 Nov 2010


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Augustina [ 2 ]  2016.06.27
I think it's a clever idea, because it stops noobs and paedos from finding out about these kind of videos (well, I wou&;nl#39dt find it funny if some person took me, so stop laughing at paedos.)
Theresa [ 2 ]  2016.06.26
AKAIK yov'ue got the answer in one!
Nelle [ 2 ]  2015.08.6
You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful artcslei.
Angela [ 1 ]  2013.04.10
Thanks for your answer. I just hate the toghuht of integrating' two separate companies (i.e., Wishlist Member and AWeber). I've heard nightmares about difficulty getting them to work together. DAP is as expensive as both of those together which makes it not cost effective if I have to get AWeber in addition to DAP! Seems to defeat the purpose of purchasing an all-inclusive' service. I'm not thrilled about the learning curve of DAP, but they do post their entire manual on the net for all to see so I can see what it will take to make it work. AWeber and Wishlist Member are relative unknowns. So the question becomes, again, does it really make a difference if I'm working with paid members whom I will ask to add my email to their contact list. If they don't, and messages go to their spam, and they contact me because they think they haven't gotten their emails is that really a huge problem? So sorry to be a pest. I'm just really trying to figure our the best approach for my situation. Thank you.