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Christopher  2012.10.17
Waste of Money.. Charge you a lot for spam data.. Never contact back once you paid them.. Even the owner is of the site is one bad name. Have many charges on him...
Sympathy [ 1 ]  2011.11.22
I have deep condolences and sympathy to the thousands of people who have been scammed by this mischievous site and I hope people would awaken and stop getting scammed by the worthless offers and the fake suppliers that lure people in scams through wholesaledeals.
Bologna stew [ 1 ]  2011.11.22
My fears confirmed. Yes this is a ripoff site and with fake products and suppliers. They are using their own portals to make people dream of gaining any benefit from their site but the story goes the other way round. I studied the link and it proved nothing but a made up story with people getting successful where as they are just self made bologna stew. Self owned site being promoted on a self owned forum. I think either the admin is stupid in thinking people would believe it or I am if people still believe them.
Childs play [ 1 ]  2011.11.17
Littering the page with lies about spreading truth. 5 posts at the same time trying to bury the reality and posting high 5 ratings so people would not see the real scam elaborated under it. I think you have a child to try to bury the evidence but it is all clear that you are a fake and trying to hide it.
Ripoff site :( [ 1 ]  2011.11.17
I have been deprived of my membership because I expressed concern of a supplier not being genuine. My money has gone in scam site but I consider myself lucky to have only lost a membership rather than having to deal with a huge dent in my bank account which I'm sure these people are great at :(
Mary [ 1 ]  2011.11.17
Fake products and totally useless site. Fake suppliers. Not a penny's worth. You have been warned.
Lousy scam site [ 1 ]  2011.11.16
I am a premium member and only regret being one. My money is wasted as the data on it is nothing more than trash. All of it can be found via Google search and this only adds insult to injury. I got free information by paying up, what a lousy scam site wholesaledeals.co.uk is.
Fake suppliers [ 1 ]  2011.11.16
I happen to be in UK and thankfully it saved me. I live in London and I met a supplier who claims to be operating from London too. He gave me his business address thinking it was just to satisfy a customer but I'm too well aware of online scams so I took a drive down to see it only to find out that none of it existed. I told the supplier about this and he just started ranting. This site has fake suppliers who are working to empty your pockets with fake deals and fake products. Beware of this online scam named as wholesaledeals.co.uk
Jonesy is scammed [ 1 ]  2011.11.15
Supplier ripped me I paid for the stuff and never got it. Filed a complaint to the admin but never got a response. Its been 6 months now and I'm sending them emails everyday but they are never willing to cooperate. I think I have been scammed through wholesaledeals.
Ripoff :( [ 1 ]  2011.11.15
I was scammed by wholesaledeals they claim to be genuine wholesale suppliers but they took away my money and I never got that premium membership.
Unworthy site [ 1 ]  2011.10.31
I have been scammed n joining them and giving my details. Thank goodness I had created a fake account to get registered. My money is wasted and it would have been better if only I had read the comments on here first.
Sally [ 1 ]  2011.10.20
I wonder who the fight is among here? The negative reviews are not as much copy and paste stuff as much the announcement by admin wholesaledeals. You have pasted your same comment so many times actually littering the whole place! This is not professionalism but playing around, how childish :(
Cemetery [ 1 ]  2011.10.19
Dead links. All suppliers are either fake or out of business. Nothing to be proud of, dead business.
Fake link [ 1 ]  2011.10.19
I read the link and it showed nothing but showering praises. Now come on, we are all grown up people. There's nothing possible as directed in you link for truth! Fake link!
Cry me a river [ 1 ]  2011.10.19
I cry every day and night whenever I remember the experience I've been through. I came here for better prospects and got scammed.
Cry me a river [ 1 ]  2011.10.19
I cry every day and night whenever I remember the experience I've been through. I came here for better prospects and got scammed.
Rip off site! [ 1 ]  2011.10.19
Took away my money and gave me nothing! Believe me people be ware of this scam gang and save your self.
Robbed [ 1 ]  2011.10.19
Never go for this site. These people robbed me in every aspect, I paid once to sign up then I paid more to upgrade for better protocol and then I bought a deal and all these put a measurable dent in my pocket and what I got? Nothing! Suppliers fake, products non existent, admin does not exist.
5 Posts in 5 minutes - WOW! :D [ 1 ]  2011.10.17
WOW you people must really stink to receive such high negative reviews in such a short time. Count mine as an addition and make that 6.
Matthew Sr [ 1 ]  2011.10.17
Regardless of all the claims here negative or positive, I visited the link claimed as proof, yet I could not find it very comforting. Dear Admin wholesaledeals, your testimonials are completely biased and highlighting that they have been amended to look good. Please have a review of them yourself and do try to make them real at least.
Insane [ 1 ]  2011.10.17
I do not believe a word they say. I would not believe a person if only his mom would say he is the best kid on the block. Same is the case here the forum says wholesaledeals are pious. Its just like a mother claiming my child is the best.
10 year competitor :D [ 1 ]  2011.10.17
10 year competitor's question answered by a 9 year old.
Would you believe it? [ 1 ]  2011.10.17
Lets be clear here. You have a question and you put options and you choose the best option and declare problem solved! Now my question is would this person be termed as sane or insane? Please feel free to answer as this is question points out to wholesaledeals owning a scam site, posting claims verifiable on their self owned forum and then at the end of it claiming they are the champs! What a great way to prove you are the best. LOL I could eat my hat if claims like these are true.
A joke [ 1 ]  2011.10.17
Getting anything worthy to invest on this site is a joke really. and most of all believing anything on their self owned forum is even a greater joke. I wonder who encourages these people to boas about something which has no real value in public?
10 year kids... [ 1 ]  2011.10.14
Man, I feel they are mentally a 10 year kind. Why do they repeat the same comment multiple times? disgusting! They have to be rest assured, it wont help them in hiding their real face. They have no words to explain and to speak in favor of their portal.
:( [ 1 ]  2011.10.13
Yeah you guessed it right the sad smiley shows my emotions when I was robbed by these scammers for buying their premium membership only to get banned after two days :(
Waste of time [ 1 ]  2011.10.13
I don't know why the site is still alive, the items fake, prices fake, contact mail fake, suppliers fake. Visiting this site has been the most unenjoyable experience of my whole life. How could someone sell something worth of 100 in just 25? That's pure stupidity! My advice to webmaster at least try to deceive through skills not stupidity!
Misery by scammers [ 1 ]  2011.10.13
Claiming to be the best out there, the company is no more than a hoard of scammers. My deal went off and supplier went away with my money. I contacted admin and they did not respond only to be found the whole staff had been on leave, leaving the customers unsafe. After the staff returned two weeks later buy then their claim period had expired (a false statement only to ward me off) which I never read in their contract and I still cant find that clause. One deal on this site and it caused me enough misery to be wary of them for life. Scammmmmmmm!!!!!!!
Puke [ 1 ]  2011.10.13
wholesaledeals make such false claims it makes me puke. First of all they don't respond when contacted and then if you sign up for the most expensive premium membership they make your life hell bombarding your inbox with all sorts of spam termed as newsletter which is purely a copy and paste stuff. The site, services and prices are all zero rated.
No thanks [ 1 ]  2011.10.13
I would like to congratulate wholesaledeals for building the most stupid site. I saw a price of a product that clearly indicated to be a fake, being a wholesaler I myself am aware of the max discount available and item being sold lower than factory price clearly indicated the scam they are trying to play, so I canceled my membership, Good riddance.
Rip off [ 1 ]  2011.10.13
All prices are fake, Poor site with very limited offers and those too fake! A rip off site with no market value at all.
misery...! [ 1 ]  2011.10.12
You have been posting the same comment for days. Come on man, do you act like this or are you really nuts? What are you trying to show in fact? Businesses are not run so recklessly and blindly man! It needs lots of efforts, brain and intelligence and the need gets higher when you have to secure and build your reputation in the community, because it people don’t take time to differentiate between real and fake. If you are a genuine one base your arguments with logic and prove it with facts. Anyways, your services and offers speak a lot about our immaturity and deficiencies and your comments here also support it.
Low rated [ 1 ]  2011.10.11
It seems to me people are not interested in wholesaledeals. All reviews are claimed to be by competitors so already the company has a bad name and people are not bothered about a review let alone the deal.
Identity theives [ 1 ]  2011.10.11
I contacted a supplier listed on their portal and he replied "What wholesaledeals?" so it dawned upon me that this fake portal should not be approached in future as there would be no protection for your deals if they in any case go bad.
Circus :( [ 1 ]  2011.10.11
Wholesaledeals is actually running a circus by entertaining people with made up products flashing deals on their site whereas in fact they are nothing but scams who lure people in signing up and then the real show begins where people pay up only to find they have been scammed. Professionals I must say in their trade of scam.
they are list of retailers [ 1 ]  2011.10.11
wholesale deals have wholesale just in their name. They are a database of retailers, I contacted a supplier, and he himself said that he is no wholesaler and he has nothing to do with wholesale deals. What do they verify then? What do they charge for?
You are a fool to sign up :( [ 1 ]  2011.10.10
These people just robbed me in broad daylight. It was horrendous when I tried to tell them I suspected the supplier to be fake they assured me of him being genuine but as I suspected earlier but agreed to carry on the deal as assured by wholesaledeals staff I got scammed and when I now mail anything to the staff all I get is on message "Were you a fool to sign up?"
d.f. [ 1 ]  2011.10.10
Hello folks, something I wanted to share with you here. Like most of us who love the idea of making some money dropshipping products, I first went the trial and error way. When it failed, I decided to join a list for a small fee. Needless to say, it was wholesaledeals. The data on dropshippers is very trashy. I felt so bad that I filed a refund claim but I was always ignored. Being cheated, I chose to figure out what the game was. What I found out is very disconcerting because the list truns out to be an exact copy of a free list, and there are a large group of similar looking paid lists that have obtained the same information from the same free list. I couldn't get this initially and nobody would ever until one feels choked. Anyway, I hope no one else goes the same fate.
Links don't work :( [ 1 ]  2011.10.10
Many of the links on this site don’t work, why demand money?
Nuts! [ 1 ]  2011.10.10
These people are nuts! Get well soon postcards my ass! Fraud is forgiving, prices nothing like theydescribe!
luc_col [ 1 ]  2011.10.10
Tried clicking on supplier info links on wholesale pages and most of them were not working at all! Googling I found it’s got lots of negative press on the web. Has anyone had any luck getting money returned?
Duplicate of free list [ 1 ]  2011.10.10
exact duplicate of a free list :(
Paul R. [ 1 ]  2011.10.10
Prices not as described. Suppliers not wholesale. (Better) Products and suppliers available from Google product search and normal search. When I read that it is self-posting reviews I was gobsmacked. As it is run from Pakistan I cannot get my money back, and am now afraid they will charge my card again without my consent. Overall a nightmare.
Fake portal [ 1 ]  2011.10.3
Dear management of fake portal wholesaledeals.co.uk you are right in your own terms, people are giving you more attention than you deserve. Although you have succeeded in sucking people's pockets you do not admit it. I think people should stop posting reviews about you as you people provide a completely non reliable source, a forum owned completely by you for proof which I think is the best proof of your inability to gain the public's trust. I think your best remedy would be to ignore you and your claims of being the angel.
same proofs again and again [ 1 ]  2011.10.3
Come on dude, why do you copy and paste the same comment and give the same link of your forum again and again? That's too pathetic. Who are you trying to make fool here? At least the readers are not as fool for your information. They can evaluate things in minutes. We want evidences from some neutral source. and largest suppliers database, in their dreams.
Re Inquiry [ 1 ]  2011.09.30
How do you claim I'm your competitor? Do you have any proof? I ask you a simple question and you cannot answer it in a professional way? Who are you people? College teens? I would never appreciate anyone corresponding or having business ties with such of your types. totally unprofessional approach.
stubborn [ 1 ]  2011.09.30
It is quite clear from all your replies that you people cannot take criticism and are not helpful in any way. If you spot a negative review you start abusing the poster and claim him to be a competitor without having any proof. As an unbiased reader I am not able to make up my mind who to trust. You start making fun of any negative review claiming a rival. Please be co-operative and try to gain confidence here as in fact you are losing it by your stubborn and childish replies.
Babies [ 1 ]  2011.09.30
Seriously i don't think any one having a 10 year old's sense would not understand that owning your own forum and posting positive reviews and not having a single negative one on it and still claiming others aka competitors are doing this to you. Who are you trying to lull here? If you are legitimate enough as you claim please provide your praise by a forum not owned by you as a neutral party would be the best source of confirmation.
Wholesale deals are so funny. [ 1 ]  2011.09.30
Wholesale deals are talking with proofs of their (so called) legitimacy. Proofs from where? Ans: From their own forum. Its fun to see that on their own forum first they talk about their wholesale deals portal, promote it and praise it and then present it as a proof of their legitimacy. Just grow up man, have some business sense and common too.
Florida [ 1 ]  2011.09.29
Hi all, I was scammed through this site and when ever I recall the experience I laugh about it a lot. I received a mail which somehow got me directed to wholeasledeals site. I got interested and subscribed. I clicked on a supplier and got the message to have full access move to the next step of subscription i paid up and got promoted and this process continued t the very end until I had paid a fair amount of money and then at the last step the admin canceled my subscription on basis of not proving to be genuine buyer. Scammers looters and disgusting people.
Scary [ 1 ]  2011.09.29
The negative reviews are scary enough to pull the plug from the system and end all online buying and selling. I don't want to be involved in any site operating from afghanistan
Inquiry [ 1 ]  2011.09.29
Hello wholesaledeals admin staff. Is it true you are operating from Afghanistan??? If untrue why are people claiming it then? You claim the negative reviews are from competitors, why they doing this? is this because you first started posting fake reviews about your competitors? I read somewhere that your group is also involved in this shameful activity. Waiting you response. By the way I read in a forum but now I don't clearly remember the name of that forum.
Amazing fact! [ 1 ]  2011.09.28
Ripoff site but what's even great this site is operating from Afghanistan!!! When i learned this I was stunned for a whole 30 mins. How can we trust this site and i have even paid my premium membership. I don't want any money back i don't want to be involved with this site anymore.
Colin [ 1 ]  2011.09.28
I was amazed to find a site which offered so much discount it was totally unbelievable. This turned out to be really unbelievable as the scammer's ring leader asked me to buy their 1 year membership to get further discount on the membership fees so I paid up. My account was active for one week and after that i was no longer a valid user. I contacted them again and they sent me a message you have been terminated due to violation of rules and never replied back. What rules?? I demand to know what rules I broke? I demand my money back because scammers have no rules and they do not respect anyones hard earned money.
Sarah jones [ 1 ]  2011.09.28
I got ripped off at this scam site. I received a mail from a supplier sending me free samples all in favor of just to purchase his one item. I paid up and not the product neither the samples arrived and when I sent a mail to him demanding my money back his reply was "HAHAHAHAHA" I forwarded it to admin and they said it really is a funny reply. Scam site fake suppliers really a network of scammers.
Sympathy for Jenny Cole. [ 1 ]  2011.09.28
I sympathize with jenny cole and agree with her. I was in the same situation. I registered and when I clicked on a supplier and they asked me for money to view his details i backed out at once and knew this was a complete scam. Jenny Cole you should have stopped investing at once when the scam started.
Been through same [ 1 ]  2011.09.27
I agree with Jenny Cole I've been through the same process and what lured me in for a discount ended up in a total loss. Scam site.
Stone age [ 1 ]  2011.09.27
Stone age products being sold at wholesaledeals whatever you order at this site all you get is a packet of rubbish. I ordered perfume and the thing I got smelled like sweat packed in a bottle. The rates are so high you could easily find a discount at your local shop. These people are working just to make people broke. Really a stone age site.
Carboni [ 1 ]  2011.09.27
Finding your fortune through wholesaledeals is like fighting your way through Zombies who are trying to rip you apart and take whatever you have. I've fallen for a zombie on wholesaledeals and he sucked my pocket dry. Fake suppliers who are actually professional scammers who would talk you into loosening your pocket for them. I think this network is being operated from Afghanistan!!! ZOMBIES HAVE INVADED!!! RUN AWAY TO SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!
Jenny cole [ 1 ]  2011.09.26
This is such a rip off they just keep asking for more and more money all the information comes in step by step and every step requires to pay more and more. Whats the use for it, at the end it becomes much more costly than it would have been to purchase from the local market. Fake site.
Freddie Bradley [ 5 ]  2011.09.23
The best compared to others in this area. Very good customer service. The information made a huge difference to the volumes and profitability of my business. I have been using them since early 2010 and I have found them to be one of the very few reputable directories in the market. The deals that they announce on a daily basis are often exceptional and unique.
Former employee [ 1 ]  2011.09.23
I would not disclose my identity here but make just one thing clear. I used to work at wholesaledeals earlier and I acknowledge that wholesaleforum.com is owned by wholesaledeals.co.uk enough said.
Dennis Aston [ 5 ]  2011.09.22
For me Wholesale Deals deserves plenty of praises. Finding them was without doubt the turning point for my business. The no-nonsense approach to identifying products that sell AND at a good margin is a no brainer. Their support is stellar and they have always had a genuine desire to help my business sell more and find the best deals.
A waste of space [ 1 ]  2011.09.22
What a great name for a domain wholesaledeals but based on your fraudulent activity you have wasted the space on internet. I think it would be better if you sold this name to a trust worthy site to operate and provide benefit to humanity.
Thieves [ 1 ]  2011.09.22
I have got rid of you months ago yet you accessed my credit card and charged me! How dare you do this have you no morals? But now I've closed that card and you won't be able to fill your gas on my behalf next time. Try earning a day honestly!
Baseless Group [ 1 ]  2011.09.22
wholesaleforum and Wholesaledeals are owned by the same person so it is really a waste to post anything interrelated to these two sites as definitely wholesaleforum will promote its sister site. Nice attempt but, alas you don't own zorghost or you would have removed my comment!
Julie [ 1 ]  2011.09.21
Although my husband has posted this review below mine "Been through HELL" but I'm not yet done here. We demand our money back and you should pay it back. It was our hard earned money. Just pay them back. Somebody please help and be ware what they did to us.
Been through HELL [ 1 ]  2011.09.21
I was charged once then required an upgrade to see a supplier's profile hence paid again. The supplier did not respond later on the supplier got removed due to unknown reasons. My money wasted on this whole process. I contacted another one and paid for the deal he turned out to be fake never replied back. I contacted admin for this they replied you are not registered as a buyer hence we cannot help you. That's it! I was a fool to enter this hell and lose my money.
Ross Osipitan [ 5 ]  2011.09.16
Best service for finding deals to sell at profit on eBay. There are a couple of these, in my experience this is the most up to date database, has more of the products I need and the margins are real. Well done, bargain.
Garry Johnson [ 5 ]  2011.09.15
Scam? No way, Wholesaledeals is a reputable wholesale directory. Who are you guys posting such similar-sounding reviews?
Fake portal [ 1 ]  2011.09.15
The whole site is a fake with fake services, fake items the whole management is running a scam site. I have lost my money and the authorities have stopped responding to my pleas also. Thieves!!!
Peter Hoffman [ 5 ]  2011.09.15
The competition gets one up :D Now over 8,000 active deals with average mark-up of 300%. Voted best UK service for finding deals to sell at a profit on eBay for the second year running.
Jonathan Moore [ 1 ]  2011.09.14
I have a question about the ongoing battle over here from the admin of wholesaledeals.co.uk why do you always use someone else's name to respond? Be it a fake or genuine review but I don't see an official person responding? This raises concerns I'm warning you, please be more professional in your correspondence as this is proving how non professional you are. After reading these I've decided I won't be joining you for non professionalism.
ericandrsn [ 5 ]  2011.09.14
Better than others in helping find trusted wholesalers, dropshippers and some of the best wholesale products for resale. In a business where authentic information is hard to come by, they have helped me focus on my sales with frequently updated offers and suppliers.Thumbs up.
kimjen [ 5 ]  2011.09.14
I've found the site most useful and have already purchased a number of items. Hopefully I will be able to find more websites through them in the near future as they continually update their site.
Adam [ 1 ]  2011.09.13
They have used my name as well and changed it from negative to positive, I'm ashamed to see the management has done such a low graded act. Shameless creatures you lot are. I want all my money back!
Alyssa Roberts [ 1 ]  2011.09.13
Fake positive review using my name by the management using 5 star rating shame on you for doing this. It shows how low you can get. Poor site, bad management, using other people's identity.
Alyssa Roberts [ 1 ]  2011.09.9
Losers who look as if they didn't feel cruelty was enough in this world so they added their own fraud schemes. Thieves they should be getting a spanking.
Aaron Mclean [ 5 ]  2011.08.24
I have depended on WholesaleDeals for a whole year when I was starting out and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a wholesale supplier. They helped put me in touch with a couple of suppliers I still use today and were always speedy with email replies when I had queries - for me it was a site that you got out what you put in and I will certainly use them again the next time I need new trade contacts.
Adam [ 1 ]  2011.08.4
Fake products and totally useless. Don't pay a penny. You have been warned.