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Updated 30 Jan 2014


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Beatriz [ 2 ]  2015.12.10
You need to treat it with the right care or it will damage and/or fall out. Maybe try for a copule of weeks not to blow dry your hair, or if you MUST, use a really low,cool setting. The heat can sometimes damage hair really badly. Also, as with anything else dealing with your bod, if you eat right it will make a huge difference. The term you are what you eat is completely true!Another thing you can try is to not play with it too too much (if that is a problem for you) as this can speed with process of it falling out. Also if you keep your hair up in a ponytail, make sure to let it rest every once in awhile, and not to tie it too tight!Avoid wearing hats, or using really harsh shampoo or chemical treatments as this strips the hair of its natural balance Was this answer helpful?