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Updated 15 Sep 2008


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Akib [ 1 ]  2009.09.16
this company is now bust and holds 1300 pounds of my hard earned money, there is no communication and hundreds of us stands to lose thousands!!
Barbara Unwin [ 1 ]  2009.09.10
Another dissatisfied customer I ordered 2 bedside cabinets in July haven't received them or a refund.This company will probably start operating again under a different name, the whole experince has put me off ordering anything else on line.
Chris [ 1 ]  2009.09.10
This company has now gone into liquidisation and the contact number is 01162531699. Get ready for a long battle to get our money back
Chris [ 1 ]  2009.09.10
Brought a table and 4 chairs 5 months ago. Was told that the items would be delivered within 14 days. Was then told a further 3 delivery dates. They blamed it on the suppliers so I found out who they were and called them. They said they won’t deliver to Furniture deal as they have un paid bills. The company has now gone off line. Doubt il ever see my money again
Birdman [ 1 ]  2009.09.10
This company's just gone pear shaped. These people are a bunch of monkeys and should never be allowed to trade again
jane elizabeth clarke [ 1 ]  2009.09.4
Amanda [ 1 ]  2009.09.4
Sorry I meant 8th Sept is the delivery date i.e a month after I bought it online, it said 5-10days delivery time! Clearly rubbish company!
Amanda [ 1 ]  2009.09.4
I ordered a dining table on 6th Aug 09 after 10 email and terrible customer service I finally have a delivery date on 8th Aug 09. I really don't hold out any hope of it arriving. I have called consumer direct and they told me that their website is now offline. Will I ever see my table or money again??!
A very very unhappy customer [ 1 ]  2009.08.26
I placed an order for a 2 door sliding wardrobe in March 2009, the wrong wardrobe was deliverd and up til now august 2009 im still wating for the right doors to be deliverd. They are so arrogant and wouldnt know the 1st thing about customer service if it bit them in the butt. A very useless unreliable company. Do not shop here!!!!!
Ray Bishop [ 1 ]  2009.08.1
I'm another dissatisfied customer. Ordered a sideboard in May, was promised delivery 18 June - still not received it. They have no idea about customer service - you either get silence or empty promises. They are either incompetent or just plain crooked.
steve smith [ 1 ]  2009.07.28
couldn't agree more with the above comment. I have been waiting nearly 2 months and am still being bounced around with no joy. Will be applying for a refund either from them or my credit card company
Unhappy customer [ 1 ]  2009.06.30
This so called company take peoples money and do not provide the goods they have paid for.