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Title: Commercial Property | Office Space | Warehouse | Factory | Commercial Property to let, for sale
Description: Galetti brings you a wide selection of Commercial and Industrial Property, such as Office Space,Warehouses and Factories in Cape Town, Gauteng, Johannesburg, Durban and Eastern Cape, South Africa.
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Updated 23 Mar 2012


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Jeremy [ 3 ]  2014.07.3
To be honest I am not sure of the exact date (or time, but it was seiotmme in the last month.. I was sitting on the porch outside with a friend, facing South/South-East, when a bright green/blue ball of light appeared just to the right of my direct front view, only just above roof-high and travelling at a medium-fast speed from rite to left with a slight decent (225 degrees). Sorry I cannot be more specific, I don't have the best visual memory. But I do remember that it was quite spectacular and gave me quite a start when it first appeared. And while I know very little about these things I remember commenting that it looked as though it might have entered the atmosphere and seemed quite close..Alexandra Meintjes -Cape Town, South Africa