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Title: Lifeworks by Laura - A Handmade Soap Company
Description: A Handmade Soap Company. Lifeworks natural soaps are made cold process. Poured, cut and packaged by hand. Using the highest quality of ingredients, our glycerin soap will provide you with a rich, luscious, lathery feel.
Tags:soap, flax, natural, process, cold, lye, glycerin, wheat, sacks, alberta, handmade, canada, handcrafted
Updated 30 Aug 2008


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Beth [ 5 ]  2013.04.7
Great looking soaps. Not sure how they do that.
Miranda Krysa [ 5 ]  2012.05.22
love the soaps. orange is the best one! recommended try
Sandra [ 5 ]  2012.01.22
Great company. Easy to work with. Great products.
randy schantaz [ 5 ]  2011.09.14
wife loves the soap... maybe a little too much. great company.
J Preston [ 5 ]  2011.06.7
Great soap mold supplier. Fast shipping. Will buy again.
Tina [ 5 ]  2011.05.20
i really like the molds they make
Patrick Fran Ronalds [ 5 ]  2011.04.17
But soap molds money can buy. Don't waste your time with any other mold. These guys have the best molds on the market. Lifeworks molds hand down!
Scents&Suds [ 5 ]  2011.04.6
I have never tried the soap because I make my own, but Lifeworks have the best soap molds you can buy. I wish I knew about this company a long time ago before I wasted money on other molds that don't work!
aaronfield [ 5 ]  2011.03.12
i have no idea how they make soap look like this. looks like you can eat them
Fred M. [ 5 ]  2011.02.25
My wife loves this soap. She always suffers from cracked dry skin. One week after using Lifeworks soap, her skin cleared up. Great product!
Cindy [ 5 ]  2011.02.5
Lifeworks Soaps are AMAZING!! I love the orange the best. Highly recommended.
Sara [ 5 ]  2010.09.2
This soap looks excellent,there were a few I wanted(the whole line) but the shipping is way too much.Good luck in the U.S. The soap is beautiful.