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Title: Small Loans For Bad Credit - Small Loans No Credit Check - Small Loans For People With Bad Credit
Description: Small Loans For Bad Credit offers small cash loans for people with bad credit to help you overcome the unexpected financial adversity. These are short term loans and offered to bad creditors. So, apply with us!
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Updated 16 Sep 2011


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Amor [ 3 ]  2012.10.13
I guess, If Im real creative I can see where the last asnewr is coming from, but you can have a great credit score with no debt.Because you have a credit card doesnt mean you have to constantly borrow on it.If you do not have credit, you will never own a home unless you pay cash .lets be realistic about that one.The best way to improve your score is to of course, pay your bills not only on time, but before the closing date.Secondly, keep your balance to limit ration as low as possible. The only time you really have to use a card is at least every 6 months, or else it will be closed due to lack of activity.Fill your tank every six months .thats a manageable amount if debt I would think
Diahs [ 4 ]  2012.10.12
Of course they canThey exetdned you credit and you didn't repay them according to the contract (it's like 5 or 6 pages that you have to sign to take out these loans, lots of small print that informs you they can report you if you do not pay) Depends on what the class action suit is about. The thing is, by the time the class action suit is ironed out, it would either be off your report (aged off) or you will be sued by them or the collection agency they sell your debt to, so it won't matter.