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Christopher  2012.10.17
Waste of Money.. Charge you a lot for spam data.. Never contact back once you paid them.. Even the owner is of the site is one bad name. Have many charges on him...
10 year kids... [ 1 ]  2011.10.14
Man, I feel they are mentally a 10 year kind. Why do they repeat the same comment multiple times? disgusting! They have to be rest assured, it wont help them in hiding their real face. They have no words to explain and to speak in favor of their portal.
misery...! [ 1 ]  2011.10.12
You have been posting the same comment for days. Come on man, do you act like this or are you really nuts? What are you trying to show in fact? Businesses are not run so recklessly and blindly man! It needs lots of efforts, brain and intelligence and the need gets higher when you have to secure and build your reputation in the community, because it people don’t take time to differentiate between real and fake. If you are a genuine one base your arguments with logic and prove it with facts. Anyways, your services and offers speak a lot about our immaturity and deficiencies and your comments here also support it.
they are list of retailers [ 1 ]  2011.10.11
wholesale deals have wholesale just in their name. They are a database of retailers, I contacted a supplier, and he himself said that he is no wholesaler and he has nothing to do with wholesale deals. What do they verify then? What do they charge for?
same proofs again and again [ 1 ]  2011.10.3
Come on dude, why do you copy and paste the same comment and give the same link of your forum again and again? That's too pathetic. Who are you trying to make fool here? At least the readers are not as fool for your information. They can evaluate things in minutes. We want evidences from some neutral source. and largest suppliers database, in their dreams.
Wholesale deals are so funny. [ 1 ]  2011.09.30
Wholesale deals are talking with proofs of their (so called) legitimacy. Proofs from where? Ans: From their own forum. Its fun to see that on their own forum first they talk about their wholesale deals portal, promote it and praise it and then present it as a proof of their legitimacy. Just grow up man, have some business sense and common too.
Freddie Bradley [ 5 ]  2011.09.23
The best compared to others in this area. Very good customer service. The information made a huge difference to the volumes and profitability of my business. I have been using them since early 2010 and I have found them to be one of the very few reputable directories in the market. The deals that they announce on a daily basis are often exceptional and unique.
Dennis Aston [ 5 ]  2011.09.22
For me Wholesale Deals deserves plenty of praises. Finding them was without doubt the turning point for my business. The no-nonsense approach to identifying products that sell AND at a good margin is a no brainer. Their support is stellar and they have always had a genuine desire to help my business sell more and find the best deals.
Garry Johnson [ 5 ]  2011.09.15
Scam? No way, Wholesaledeals is a reputable wholesale directory. Who are you guys posting such similar-sounding reviews?
Peter Hoffman [ 5 ]  2011.09.15
The competition gets one up :D Now over 8,000 active deals with average mark-up of 300%. Voted best UK service for finding deals to sell at a profit on eBay for the second year running.
Jonathan Moore [ 1 ]  2011.09.14
I have a question about the ongoing battle over here from the admin of wholesaledeals.co.uk why do you always use someone else's name to respond? Be it a fake or genuine review but I don't see an official person responding? This raises concerns I'm warning you, please be more professional in your correspondence as this is proving how non professional you are. After reading these I've decided I won't be joining you for non professionalism.
kimjen [ 5 ]  2011.09.14
I've found the site most useful and have already purchased a number of items. Hopefully I will be able to find more websites through them in the near future as they continually update their site.
Adam [ 1 ]  2011.09.13
They have used my name as well and changed it from negative to positive, I'm ashamed to see the management has done such a low graded act. Shameless creatures you lot are. I want all my money back!
Alyssa Roberts [ 1 ]  2011.09.13
Fake positive review using my name by the management using 5 star rating shame on you for doing this. It shows how low you can get. Poor site, bad management, using other people's identity.
Alyssa Roberts [ 1 ]  2011.09.9
Losers who look as if they didn't feel cruelty was enough in this world so they added their own fraud schemes. Thieves they should be getting a spanking.